USB C Laptop Docking Station Dual Monitor, 11 in 1 Type C Triple Display Multiport Adapter 4K 60Hz


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SSK 11-IN-1 Laptop USB-C Docking Station Dual Monitor

This Computer USB-C 11 IN 1 Multi-Port Hub with Dual * 4K HDMI provides massive expansions to multiple devices for your USB C laptops, tablets or smart phones. It can realize the function of deferent Quad Display (for Win 10/11 only ), data transfer and PD 100W power delivery at the same time.



11 IN 1 :

1* 3.5mm port: Audio/Mic function

2* USB3.0 port: Data transfer up to 5Gbps and support BC1.2 fast charging protocol.

1*SD/TF Card reader: Up to 104MB/S

1*PD3.0 Charging Port: Up to 100W input and 85W output

1*USB 2.0 Wireless keyboard/mouse

HDMI 1 Max resolution: 4K@60Hz

HDMI 2 Max resolution: 4K@30Hz

1*VGA: When VGA is connected, each monitors Max resolution: 1080P@60Hz

1* RJ45 Gigabit port: 10M/100M/1000Mbps

Note: Please provide power for USB C Docking Station first when connecting monitors or multiple devices or high power devices.

Single HDMI 1 Max resolution can reach to 4K@60Hz, Dual HDMI 2 Max resolution: 4K@30Hz. When VGA is connected, each monitors Max resolution: 1080P@60Hz.

For Windows 10/11 only

This Dual 4K Display USB C Pluggable Dock: One of the most prominent features is the supports four different display images simultaneously.

Laptop+HDMI1+HDMI2+VGA: extend mode (A-BCD)

For Windows

It supports mirror mode (SST) and extends mode (MST), will easily expand the computer with triple monitors. Mirror mode (A-AAA),Extend mode(A-BBB).

For Mac OS

Since Mac OS does not support MST (multi-stream transmission) display, the HDMI usb docking station only supports extending one monitor, and the external monitor displays the same screen (A-AAA or A-BBB)

Clear 4K world on big Screen when you use the 2*HDMI ports at the same time. You can attachment VGA Cable to realize three-screen connection, all three screens will display the same picture dual to the Mac OS.

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