NoteBook Cooling Pad 1LED Fan S1


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NoteBook Cooling Pad 1LED Fan S1


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S1 Laptop Heat Sink Highlights:
* Long fan blades for super-fast cooling
* Unique 2-pin power supply cable
* Suitable for many types of computers
* Professionalism in design
* Long-lasting fan blades for ability Super-fast cooling + Equipped with 140mm diameter cooling fan, speed of 1200 rpm, S1 Laptop Heat Sink ensures your laptop is always kept cool thanks to the long rotor that increases the ability to dissipate heat quickly .
* Unique 2-pin power supply cable + Laptop Cooling Pad S1 uses a unique dual-head power supply cable, retaining the number of usable USB ports of the system, making it convenient for use.
* Suitable for a wide range of computers + The S1 Laptop Heat Sink is compatible with laptops with a maximum screen size of 16 “, giving you a variety of choices for your needs and purposes. use.
* Professionalism in design + S1 Laptop Thermal Sinks show the professionalism in design from a reputable manufacturer with sharp and delicate lines to create comfort in the process of moving the mouse or manipulating on the laptop . + Non-slip base helps to fix your laptop not to be dropped when in use, ensuring machine safety.

– Product name: S1 Laptop Radiator Stand
– Size: 25 x 33.5 x 2.5cm
– Material: Plastic + Metal
– Color: Random
– Weight: 150gr

Package Contents
1x Laptop cooling pad
1x USD cord

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