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Network Cable CAT6 White 1.5M


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Network Cable CAT6 White 1.5M


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With the huge number of network devices on the market (and more arriving every month), there’s always a need for patch cables, whether it’s for your office patch panel or your home network setup. You’ll commonly see two different categories of these cables for sale (Leghth : 1.5m / 3m / 5m / 10m / 15m / 20m / 25m / 30m / 40m / 50m).

Cat5e and Cat6. (You might also see older Cat5 cables in some stores or on some online sites, but they’re not meant for most of today’s modern applications.) Category 5e and Category 6 will both suffice for most purposes, but the newer Cat6 cables are preferable and can be purchased for almost the same price, making them a far superior choice.

The reason to go with a Cmple Cat6 patch cable is that it meets new TIA/EIA specifications designed to maximize transmission performance while reducing signal interference. This is done through the number of twists in the four UTP (untwisted pair) pairs of wires in the cable and a divider between the pairs, making Cat6 cable ideal for use in high speed gigabit Ethernet connections. And since Cat6 is backward compatible with Cat5e, Cat5 and Cat3 standards, you can use it to connect with any older device you may have.

The shielding of Cat6 cabling is effective against any type of high frequency or electromagnetic interference as well as other crosstalk or system noise. Meanwhile, this cable delivers the highest quality signal transfer that’s possible with any type of patch cable at extremely high speeds ranging up to 500 MHz, without any loss of data integrity. Major businesses and internet providers use Cat6 cabling for everything from data transfer, networking and phone installations because of its speed and reliability; at the very inexpensive price point of the Cmple Cat6 500MHz UTP Ethernet cable, there’s no reason for smaller companies or home users to settle for less.

This cable is engineered to withstand whatever kind of stress you might put on it, even if you knock one of the connected components to the ground or your dog decides to pull on it. It has a sturdy polyvinyl chloride (PVC) jacket with special molded “strain relief” capabilities, fully protecting the stranded 568B wire inside.