Laptop NoteBook Cooling Pad 3LED Fan C3


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NoteBook Cooling Pad 3LED Fan S3 C3


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Cooling Pad S3 cooling base cooling laptop buys quality, cheap price, connects the usb port directly to the laptop, the product is tastefully designed, arranged the fan directly to cool the hottest part of the laptop, fan Laptop cooling Pad has a solid design, very good strength, support 13-15 inch laptop.

With the convenience and portability, laptop computers are now widely used and popular in all classes from students, students to office workers … With the requirements of the job, sometimes you have to use the computer continuously for quite a long time, even all day. Using so long, especially in the summer, causing the laptop to get hot quickly, the normal cooling fan even if operating at full capacity will not be able to meet all the cooling of internal devices. Besides, the climate in Vietnam is hot and humid, which also reduces the service life of equipment quickly. That easily causes the links inside the laptop to heat up, resulting in a short fire and damage the computer.
Therefore, users should use an extra heat sink to support laptop cooling, making the machine work more stable and efficient.

– Product name: S3 Laptop Radiator Stand
– Size: 25 x 33.5 x 2.5cm
– Material: Plastic + Metal
– Color: Random
– Weight: 150gr

Package Contents
1x Laptop cooling pad
1x USD cord

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