Jabra Biz 1100 Duo USB NC APAC


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Jabra Biz 1100 Duo QD headset is designed by Jabra to meet the needs of use by agents, contact centers, or with friends to use to study online, learn English.

1 year warranty


$45.00 $50.00

The compact design, handy

Jabra Biz 1100 Duo QD wired headset is   aimed at office users, agents, online learners. There is a need to use the headset for a long time, so a compact and convenient design is put on the top by the company.

To ensure the best conversation, Jabra Biz1100 Duo is equipped with a rather long mic that can be folded up and down very easily. Moreover, the microphone has the ability to cancel noise.

In terms of sound quality and call capabilities

Surely you will not be able to ask for a good quality of entertainment sound in the Jabra Biz 1100 Duo QD, but in return it is an extremely good conversational ability. The sound output from the Jabra Biz 1100 Duo is clear, clear and continuous, without any distortion or distortion. The microphone is loud and clear, with background noise filtering and echo cancellation, perfect for your work.

Jabra Biz 1100 Duo QD  is one of the good quality conversational headsets, but still ensures an attractive price for users.

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  • Model – Biz 1100 QD Duo
  • Biz 1100 QD Mono
  • Biz 1100 USB Duo/Biz 1100 USB Mono
  • Speaker impedance – 150±15%/300±15% /32±15%/32±15% per 1000Hz
  • Speaker Frequency Range – 20Hz-4.5kHz/20Hz-4.5kHz/20Hz-6.8kHz/20Hz-6.8kHz
  • Intuitive Call Control Unit – No/No/Yes/Yes
  • Connectivity – Desk phone
  • Desk phone/USB desk phone, softphone
  • USB desk phone, softphone
  • Operating Range (cord length) – 95cm/95cm/190cm/190cm



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